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John Kreamer

I'm an American living in Singapore and am in total agreement with what you are saying. A few observations; What I hear most often from foreigners visiting the US is their their amazement in the large size of the food portions served at restaurants. Perhaps this would be a good place to start by getting restaurants to cut down on the portions (resulting in lower prices which works for everybody). When I visit the US shopping at Walmart is like being in a scene out of star wars where obese people are riding in motorized shopping carts because they are too big/lazy to walk the aisles. What are they buying? Five gallon tubs of ice cream and similar products. The whole food culture of the US needs to be changed/turned back before this "disease" is cured. To do this the general public needs to be educated. Not an easy thing to do, especially when overweight kids see their obese parents eating like there is no tomorrow, and sadly, for some of them there isn't one.

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