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grow taller

Glucosamine is dietary supplement that presents amino sugar derived from shells of the shellfishes.

It can be prescribed for the patients with osteoarthritis. Glucosamine provides slowing in its progression, improving function of the damaged joint, rebuilding of the cartilage and pain relief.

Robert Armstrong

Hi Michael – Thanks for your comments. I agree that many of our degenerative diseases that we see in North America are the direct result of a lifetime of bad eating habits and a general lack of exercise. Also, I agree with your comment about maintaining a healthy pH balance within the body. I would like to point you to a blog post I wrote almost a year ago that supports your comment about acidity: http://www.nofinishlineblog.com/2010/07/do-you-know-your-bodys-ph-why-is-it-important.html

I’ve personally had little exposure to Curcumin, but from what I've read to date it has been positive. My readers should know that it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, nor those on blood thinners.

Thanks again, and Enjoy the Ride....Rob

Michael Saif

I used to have joint pain in my fingers and couldn't kneel down for longer than 10 seconds because of the pain. I believe the cause was the same for the vast majority of joint sufferers...inflammation.

Our diet of processed and sugary foods are very acidic and make it difficult for our bodies to maintain our necessary PH balance. This causes inflammation throughout our body and notably in our joints.

Six years ago I stopped eating processed foods, only eat natural or organic foods, focus on eating lots of veg and keep an eye on my PH balance. I can now kneel down for minutes, have no pain in my fingers and no longer have migraine headaches that I used to have every 2 months or so.

I take curcumin and omega 3's which both help with inflammation amongst other things.

My guess is that only 10% of those with joint pain have problems that need medical attention. The other 90% including those who think they have incurable arthritis, can correct the problem with their diet.

Robert Armstrong

Glad it's of help Gerry. There are a number of medical procedures that I know you have and will continue to look into for your OA. I considered mentioning them on my blog, but I elected not to, as the purpose of my blog is to provide my readers with natural solutions and lifestyle choices that fall under the "prevention" category of health. By the way, I recommend Omega-3 to everyone regardless of overall health. Besides being a natural anti-inflammatory, it has positive benefits for your heart, liver, brain, skin, immunity, and blood sugar. As I said, the jury is still out on the positive anecdotal affects of G&C and since the side effects impact such a small group, it can't see the harm in trying it out.


This blog is becoming a really great resource on just about everything I need to focus on, EVEN osteoarthritis, as it happens! I will be looking into Glucosamine and Chondroitin (and possibly Omega-3) to see if I can stop this thing from degenerating further, or possibly even repairing it. One can dream, right?

Keep up the excellent work!

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