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weight loss supplements

I'm a big fan of the show. The work effort and dedication of the contestants are very inspiring. I love how they're so goal driven.

Robert Armstrong

Hi Buy Xenical – firstly, I appreciate people that write comments to my blog that use real names and not the name that's purely just self promotion. Your kind of self promotion is probably the worst I’ve seen on my blog, given you are simply promoting a drug that’s suppose to replace designed for people that are clinically obese (BMI greater than 31). If you’ve read any of my posts you will know that I’m not a fan of pharmaceutical solutions to offset unhealthy lifestyle practices. With the exception of a very small minority, any obese person can reduce their weight and regain a healthy lifestyle naturally and without the use of Xenical that carries the risk of know side-effects.

Regarding your comment that the foods featured in this blog post are “really enticing”. As a health advocate, I find these meals disgusting and if forced to eat this type of food, my only question would be, “what did I do that was so bad to be forced to eat this kind of crap”.

Finally, regarding your comment, “Sure people go on a diet, but everyone has their cheat day too”. I’ve never recommended that anyone go on a “diet”, but to have a healthy diet that spans a lifetime.


buy xenical

Those food look really enticing. Sure people go on a diet, but everyone has their cheat day too.

Robert Armstrong

Hi Catering New York – Thanks for your comment. I also don't think this show should be taken seriously and I certainly would not expect people to eat like this every day. But I have to raise the counter argument. It would be nice to see a balance of shows on the food channel that featured healthy and delicious food. Man vs. Food also confuses the viewing public about portion size. In fact, most American restaurants do. Studies now indicated that most Americans have no idea what a healthy portion should be and because they eat out so much they emulate these portion sizes at home. It’s ironic that America is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, and at the same time its population is one of the unhealthiest. Enjoy the Ride....Rob

catering new york

I don't think you have to take this show seriously and copy what Adam is doing. You can look at it as a guide to the best restaurants in America where you may want to do some sinful eating once in a while. It is up to you how you will discipline yourself.

Robert Armstrong

Gerry - it's not so much that people down here are just overweight, it's how many are grossly obese. Every day I see people in the 300's and even 400 pound range waddle by and we all pay for their unhealthy lifestyle. They wrongly believe that they're not harming anyone but themselves so it's none of our business. Coming from France, you would be shocked.


If you are getting shocked coming from Canada then that's a real scary situation down there! I haven't been to the US in years, but just returning to Canada from France is shock enough for me.

Great article, especially concerning the social costs that we, the healthy, take on because of the bad habits of others. It IS our business, as you rightly point out.

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